R Marine Flagship




To Wire up and design a control system to control an office building that is completely constructed from plastic. The building must have the ability to remain level when hosting a large number of guests. The building must also display all of the control gear on a switchboard designed by BEP. The building must also showcase many marine related products that are available to be instaled into many pleasure craft sold by R Marine.


To keep track of how what angle the building is currently on and to react to this to this with pumps to move water in and out of the respective ballast tanks. We Solved this by installing an inclination sensor in the centre of the building. This provides the CZone with real-time x and y-axis tilt values. 

Once we could work out what angle the building was on we could then trigger the pumps in the correct sequence to move the ballast water weight to level the building. This then provided us with the next challenge which was the height the building sat in the water. We went through many scenarios and ideas to react to this but we settled on a simple set of limit switches fixed to the pier to provide our height tolerance. 


Cole Power completed this job in conjunction with Beacon Marine Limited


Take A look through the gallery below to check out some photos from during and after the project.