To Completly rewire the entire boat to survey compliant standards. The boat will have an automated valve manifold that must be simple to operate from the helm. The manifold must be able to control ballast in / out, a manual bilge pumping operation and also fire water flow control. Install a CCTV and PA system to be accessed and operated via the helm. Install and wire up the house and starting batteries along with an emergency radio battery and associated charging systems for the batteries. 


To keep everything compact and watertight in the limited space we had to work with. This meant very careful planning of module placement. The boat needed a PA system capable of being broadcast from the crew wirelessly. The speakers needed to be marine grade as they were installed out on the deck of the boat. As the boat was going through a major refit we needed to have the electrical resurveyed to Maritime NZ standards. This meant careful selection of the cabling and installation methods.  We also provided a full schematic of the electrical system to be filed with the rest of the ship's documents. The valve and pump system needed to be automated so we chose to use a CZone System that we configured to handle the automation of the valves and pumps. 


Cole Power completed this job in conjunction with Beacon Marine Limited


Take A look through the gallery below to check out some photos from during and after the project.