Electric motors are great and have made machinery capable of performing many tasks. One problem however is that a motor is rated at a certain RPM. This is fine for lots of machines that only need a single speed but as we start go get more complex with our operations we start to require some type of speed control. This is where Motor Drives of VFD’s come in, they are able to modify the power going to the motor to slow it down. Not only can we slow the motor down but we can also control the startup torque, this is particularly important in larger motors that will draw a very large amount of current when turned on to get up to speed. This can cause all sorts of problems from straining the power grid to mechanical shock to the components that the motor is moving.

At Cole Power we are able to provide your business with the solutions required to keep your motors under control. Get in contact with us and let us know your motor problems and we will get back to you with the right answers and have your machinery up and running again.