Electrical motors are key to keeping any process control equipment running. Without these motors there is no movement, no movement means no production, no production means no money is being made. Cole Power are experienced in many different types of industrial induction motors. We are able to supply and install replacement motors for motors that have failed for one reason or another. We are able to supply and install anything from a 0.5kw single phase motor right up to very large three phase motors. We have access to many of the top motor suppliers so you know that we will be able to get you the correct motor for your application.


If for some reason your motor is not available we have a few options to consider. First is that we can remove and rewind the current motor. This can only be completed if the motor is not mechanically damaged. This service results in the copper windings being removed from the motor and new copper windings wound onto the stator. This process will bring the old motor back to life and production can continue. The second option is that we find a motor that has the same electrical specification and we fabricate an adapter to make it fit where is needs to go. Get in contact if you are having problems with any electrical motors on your site. We also have a preventive maintenance program. Many times we are able to spot problems and rectify in downtime before they become a complete plant shut down.