Hazardous Areas are exactly what they sound like, Hazardous. These areas require special attention and properly trained electricians to complete the job not only safely but also to the ASZNS 60079 group of standards. We must ensure the correct equipment is installed in the correct zone for its application. Cole Power take pride in the planning and execution of hazardous area works. We make sure that your equipment is compliant and meets the current regulations.


Hazardous Areas are required to be periodically re inspected to ensure the safety of the installation has not been compromised in any way and that any maintenance on your equipment is up to date. Cole Power are able to facilitate these inspections and ensure your installation is safe and legal.


A Dossier is kept on site detailing the equipment installed, Zoning of the hazardous areas, and any other information relating the the installation. We at Cole Power are able to keep these documents up to date to ensure your installation is meeting the required standards set out in ASNZS 60079.


Areas to be aware of that are classified as Hazardous Areas are as follows.


  • Paint Booths

  • Fuel / Gas Stations

  • LPG filling plants

  • DG (Dangerous Goods Storage)

  • Print factories, especially where solvents are stored or distilled.

  • Dust Environments such as sawmills and wood working areas.  


If you are unsure if you have a hazardous area or you require work or maintenance on your hazardous area then get in contactwith Cole Power and we will get the job done.