Generators are normally a diesel motor that drives an alternator that puts out electricity. They come in a very large variety of makes, models, and power ratings. Cole Power has the experience necessary to make repairs to your generator, whether it be a standby set for your business, a transportable set you take to the construction site for heavy welding application or even your marine generator installed in your boat.

We are also able to install a generator for you wherever it may be we can come up with a plan to make it happen. We are able to advise you on the size generator you should be installing and we even have a team of diesel mechanics that can perform the required services on your new generator to make sure the warranty period is kept.

Cole Power has experience in many different types of Generator controllers. DSE (deep sea electronics) and Comap are the most common we come across in the standby and transportable sets. We are able to configure these controllers and set them up as auto starts and changeovers when power is lost to your premise. Get in contact if you would like more information about having your generator looked at or a new one installed.