Many companies do not have maintenance programs in place and we are often called to problems that could have been sorted long before failure. This ensures that work is completed during routine downtime and minimises failures that can cause costly unscheduled downtime where machinery usually needs to be manually reset half way through a run instead of shutdown after a run is complete. At Cole Power we are able to taylor make preventive maintenance schedules to suit any machine at intervals often recommended by the manufacturer.


Our Preventive maintenance checklists can include many aspects of the machinery including sensor checks, Pneumatic leak checks, Hydraulic Leak checks, hose condition, Cable condition, bearing checks and lubrication, Oil Checks and changes, Battery condition and maintenance and Many more function checks depending on the type of equipment being checked.

While performing these checks we are able to carry out normal maintenance on the machine which saves time any money on a second visit. All of our checks are recorded electronically and are shared with the client to build a picture of machine condition and schedule in any major repairs before they cause a much larger repair than what may be required.


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