About Us


At Cole Power, we love solving problems. So much so that we believe there are always better ways of doing things in the electrical industry. We keep up to date with the latest industrial technology and have the qualified personnel to carry out even the most complex of electrical installations.


Data is how many businesses make informed decisions and at Cole Power we believe that if you can collect data on many aspects of your plant / factory then we will be able to make changes to make it more efficient. Whether it be timing between events or reducing standby power consumption there are always areas that can be explored to save money on production.


Training is without a doubt key to providing a high quality service. We spend lots of time with our employees to ensure that when they come to a site they are equipped with the skills to get the job done.


Training and creating the very best electricians that are able to maximise our clients uptime with industry proven technology that will keep up with even the most demanding production lines.